Networking together

Yochi Benkler, in  Social Ties: Networking Together  refers to social software as tools for enabling new ways to communicate, collaborate and develop relationships that are different from traditional offline connections.

He reminds us, however, that “the Internet does not make us more social beings. It simply offers more degrees of freedom for each of us to design our own communications space than were available in the past.”  I think it is common to believe, when shown proof of what groups of unrelated or geographically dispersed people can do with online social software, that just by purchasing a licence and installing it on computers, that the same results can be expected. An example is provided with wikis; in certain predetermined communities or environments, like universities, they are effective for peer-based production.  However, they require administration and participant etiquette. If your community is using the wiki to collaborate or discuss different points of view, there is a potential for failure if the needs of the group are not considered.

2 responses to “Networking together

  • heathergrayblog

    Well said Lenore. Just like in f2f conversations, the communicator needs to be a good communicator to be heard. The social media technology is allowing those with a textual voice to be heard.

  • Andrea

    Isn’t it true? Just like any organization, social media still needs some administrative help if it is to be used efficiently and effectively.

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